Emergency Response System at Lakeside

Do you know how the Emergency Response System functions in the Lake Chapala area?

Medical Outsourcing Service (commonly referred to as medical tourism)

Mexico could be the place for your medical treatment. If you are you on a waiting list for a medical procedure in your country, we can offer a faster, more cost-effective solution.

Patient Bill of Rights

Do you know your legal rights as a patient in Mexico? They are all presented for you here in English. Important information you should not be without!

New patients are requested to complete a patient history. There is a link at the top of this page, “Forms,” that will take you to where you can open an interactive patient form.

It is also recommended that new patients get a general laboratory analysis (blood and urine test) so that the results can be evaluated and discussed during the initial visit. Lab request forms are available by clicking the same “Forms” link.