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Medical Outsourcing

Mexico offers great alternative options for medical care. Almost all the medical treatments and procedures offered in the USA are also offered in Mexico. You do not need to indefinitely postpone medical treatment because of exaggerated costs. If you have never considered Mexico before because of the language or unfamiliarity with how it works in Mexico, continue reading and discover more options.

What is Medical Outsourcing? It is also commonly referred to as medical tourism. However “tourism” (travel for pleasure) and “medical” (often surgery – which is not normally done for pleasure), is a contradiction in terms. Medical Outsourcing is simply “exporting” medical services. Products are exported from one country to another for three main reasons: the quality of a product, the availability of product, or the cost of a product. In this case, the main motive for a person to seek medical services in a foreign country, that are usually available in their own home country, is cost. This also can fall under “availability” because having medical services in your home country, which you cannot afford, essentially makes them unavailable to you. In the case of Canada, some people seek medical services outside their country to simply reduce their wait time for a needed or desired procedure. Quality is not usually a reason why someone from the United States or Canada would seek medical services in a foreign country, but it is a serious consideration, and it is very important that the medical service obtained while in another country meets or exceeds the level of care that you need and expect.

What can we do to help you? We evaluate your needs and match you with the medical service that you need, here in Mexico, for usually less than half the cost of in the USA. There are many places you can go for your treatment, but not all have the same results. Our experience and knowledge can match you with the medical service you need, allowing you to benefit from lower costs and often better services available to you in Mexico, while avoiding the substandard services offered. We will personally review each case, make the original diagnosis if needed or give you a second opinion, and then discuss your options with you. We can arrange everything you need – transportation from your country, hotels, hospitals, laboratory and imaging studies, specialists, post treatment or surgery recovery, medication, etcetera. You do not need to know Mexico or Spanish to come here; we will help you. There are also concierge services available for friends or family accompanying you.

How do we do it? This is not the only thing we do. Our medical office is in the retirement community of Chapala, Mexico. Our local patients are from Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, India, and Mexico. We have experience working with foreigners and with the Mexican health care system. We take the time to review each case and discuss a detailed medical history with our patients to have a comprehensive understanding their health. We are familiar with many different hospitals and specialists, and can facilitate the best medical options for you. You can feel confident that we will help you make an informed decision about your medical treatment, leading to the best outcome for you.

Why do we provide this service? Our goal is to make the best possible medical care accessible to everyone who needs it. We understand that many people in the USA suffer extreme economic hardships because of medical necessities. We offer a service that can make medical treatments obtainable that might have otherwise been economically out of reach. For Canadians, we offer immediate treatment options for less than you would pay to have them done privately in the neighboring USA.

Why Mexico? Mexico is close. There are other countries where you could receive the same service, but they are farther away. Mexico’s geographic proximity to the USA and Canada makes it convenient, a shorter (faster) trip, and more cost effective.

The Mexican economy is the second reason. Without discussing politics and the reasons behind Mexico’s economy, the Mexican peso has fallen against the dollar for years, and continues to follow the same pattern. Your U.S. or Canadian dollar goes farther here.

Medical malpractice insurance “savings” is the third reason. Mistakes happen in every country, and eventually even the best doctor will make one. However, in the USA everyone pays for the lucrative lawsuits – literally. In Mexico, medical lawsuits are not lucrative. Mexico does not have billboards for lawyers offering to make someone rich from a medical error. Instead, Mexico has a proactive health department that works to help prevent medical accidents. Your medical bill in Mexico will not be inflated to pay for out-of-control malpractice insurance costs.

Is receiving treatment in Mexico, or any foreign county, safe?  Yes and no. We have seen cases and medical records from many countries. Dr. Thelin has personally been in different medical environments in North America, South America, and Asia. He has been the doctor on various medical evacuation air ambulances. Thus, he has seen examples of medical care in many places. Although some have outright terrible medical care, typically some of the best medical care and some of the worst can usually be found within the same locality. It is not so much the country or city that determines medical safety; it is selecting which hospital is best equipped for your condition, and having the correct doctors that make the difference. This is where we make a difference in your individualized medical care plan.

How do we start the process? The first step is to send us an e-mail to or call us. The number is 011 52 376 765 3692 from the USA or Canada. E-mail is usually the easiest option for patients to make inicial contact us.

  • Briefly describe your immediate medical condition(s) that you need treated (e.g. cataracts, complete general medical check-up, cancer, surgery, or other condition).
  • Tell us any other major medial conditions you have had or currently have.
  • Tell us any treatment you have had for your condition, if any.
  • Mention any proposed treatments and the quoted cost, if any.
  • Tell us if you prefer to be contacted by e-mail or by telephone. If you would like us to contact you by telephone, please give us your phone number and the best time to reach you. Our office is located in the Central Time Zone. If you live more than one or two time zones away, please give us your city, state/province/territory, and country so we can adjust the time of our call to you.